About us

Batgach is a network of Chartered Accountants firms in major cities of India. Batgach is one of the first network approved by ICAI, India. The founding principle of Batgach is standardization of Professional Work. The foundation of Batgach has ethical standards and timeliness in execution. Batgach & Affiliates – an network approved by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India has a presence across sixteen cities in India. Batgach has a team of 70 partners Chartered Accountants and 700 other professional staff. All affiliate partners has professional expertise in multi-disciplinary fields.
We share our knowledge & expertise as a chartered accountancy firm with people who require our services. Our team of specialists will be put together according to your needs. This ensures you will receive the appropriate advice and bespoke strategy.

Concept behind Our Networking

Network is association of different firms/ members who identify a common name (brand) and adopt collaborative approach yet retain their own identity and ownership of their individual practices.
The individual participants continue to manage their own practices but, adhere to the standards established by the Network. They share common practices, procedures and knowledge base.
Networking is establishing association with members/firms who share similar ideas, goals and visions and who complement strengths of participants of the Network.

Our Team

The team is comprised of multi-disciplinary professionals with reservoir of many years of corporate and financial consultancy experience; strong analytical support and technological dexterity

Advantage Batgach