Arbitration & Mediation Services

At Batgach, we provide Arbitration & Mediation related Services. Our work involves following steps

We are specialized in handling Financial Arbitration matters. But apart from financial arbitration matters we have good exposure of handling other arbitration matters such as “Commercial Arbitration”, “Family Dispute Arbitration”, “Family Business Succession Planning” etc.


“Any dispute or difference whatsoever arising between parties in relation to the construction, meaning and operation or effect of this contract or the breach thereof or any other commercial or professional or industrial dispute amongst the parties shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with these rules and award made in pursuance thereof shall be binding on the parties”.

Arbitration involves an impartial outsider being asked to make a decision on a dispute. The arbitrator makes a firm decision on a case based on the evidence presented by the parties. Arbitration is voluntary, so both sides must agree to go to arbitration; they should also agree in advance that they will abide by the arbitrator's decision. Arbitration can be seen as an alternative to a court of law with its rules for procedures such as disclosure of documents, evidence and so on. But arbitration is private rather than public. Unlike a court, in an arbitration hearing the Arbitrator will ask the questions. There is no formal cross-examination or swearing of oaths.


Mediation is a completely voluntary and confidential form of alternative dispute resolution. It involves an independent, impartial person or organization helping two or more individuals or groups reaches a solution that's acceptable to everyone. The mediator can talk to both sides separately or together. Mediators do not make judgments or determine outcomes - they ask questions that help to uncover underlying problems, assist the parties to understand the issues and help them to clarify the options for resolving their difference or dispute.

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